I have been creating for as long as I can remember. As a child whenever I would get a new binder, notebook, or container (I love storage containers) I would set about re-designing it to my specifications. It drove my mother crazy. But, being a great mother she took me to the craft store, the art supply store, and The Container Store so I could gather all the materials I needed for my next project. 

Eventually the path lead to the east coast, and the creation of K. Flick Studio in 2009. KFS is inspired by my love of quality materials, the art of making beautiful things by hand, and the joy that my creations bring to my customers. The jewelry line is handcrafted using gold filled components, and quality materials including coral, amazonite, smokey quartz, bone to name a few. The line is made to wear alone, or in layers, the pieces work as well every day with a pair of jeans and t-shirt as they do with your favorite party dress! 

A few more things you should know about me...

I have an alternate personality whom I refer to as Boat Kohli. She is fabulous. She wears big floppy hats, large sunglasses, high heels in swim suits, and spends most of her time on boats. Real Kohli gets sea sick, can’t keep a floppy hat on her head to save her life, and prefers flip flops to heels while at the pool. 

I would wear a puffy vest all year round if I could. I love cowboy boots. I am very opinionated. I love good cocktails, tequila is my favorite. I love spending a night at home with my husband, and the best dog in the world, Porter. I love jeans, seriously, my nickname used to be Miss. Denim

So that is about it, or at least some of it.